I built this for my family, but I'd like to share it with yours.

The Life Insurance "Income Replacement" Simulator was created to help my family make a decision about how to meet our own life insurance needs. It ended up being useful, so I'm making it available to others, free of charge. It won't tell you which life insurance company to go with — but hopefully it'll give you an idea of what type of policy (term/return-of-premium/whole life) makes the most sense for your circumstances, as well as what sort of monthly payment you should expect to make.

— Shaun Gallagher

The Life Insurance "Income Replacement" Simulator

If you have dependents — a spouse or children who depend on your income — then you probably need life insurance.

The Life Insurance "Income Replacement" Simulator helps you determine how to buy life insurance that will replace your income in the event of your untimely death, allowing your dependents to cover their expenses and maintain their current lifestyle.

Take five minutes to describe your family's financial situation, and the Life Insurance "Income Replacement" Simulator will show you how you'll fare with various life insurance policies. You'll see, at a glance, the possible outcomes, depending on whether you die next year or live until you're 100.

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